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Transfer money online to over 170 countries around the world for only €1.5

Full-Time • Product Design • iOS & Android


Paysend, started as a team of experts from banking and payments who became frustrated by the time and complexity of traditional bank systems. Paysend was the first Fintech to introduce a global card to card transfers to connect 12 billion cards issued by international payment systems: Mastercard, Visa, China Union Pay and local cards schemes. It provides over 40 payment methods for online SMEs. Paysend currently serves over 7 MILLION customers and 17,000 SME’s and operates in more than 150 countries globally, while the receiving countries are over 110.

My story in Paysend started with consumer crypto investment. I was initially hired to kick-start consumer-facing crypto products within Paysend.

Role and Responsibilities

I work as a senior product designer on crypto product and am part of a 10+ design team. I am responsible for the development of the crypto product in line with user needs and company vision, improving the existing product.

I am working closely with the product manager to outline scope of the product, quarters and sprints. I've given responsible to outline the each tasks & features details as well.


Our design process generally proceeds as outlining the feature/sprint > creating hypotheses > designing alternatives > testing > releasing > testing > iterating.

We first discover the feature or problem we are working on. In this process, we are trying to interview our current users as much as possible and try to understand if they really need something like this. And then we create a moodboard to understand how our competitors are handling this feature.

We are trying to produce different alternatives for each stream and screen and to validate some of them.

What does MVP mean for Paysend Crypto?

Our mission is to enable customers - Consumers and Businesses - to buy, sell, store, send, receive, and make use of cryptoassets, with a focus on the goals they are seeking to achieve, rather than the underlying technology.

When I joined Paysend, we had not yet released or even started developing our crypto product. From the first day I joined, I had the opportunity to do competitor analysis and user research with our current users with my product manager.

Our aim was to shape our MVP version and make our quarterly plans accordingly. For a long time, we devoted most of our effort to designing and developing the features until we completed the development of our MVP features.

We have done a lot of usability and user tests in the process until the launch of the product. In this process, we had the opportunity to confirm our hypotheses and designs. And with the feedback we got, we made iterations and continued to improve the product in the form of test > iteration > test.

Usability Testings via UserTesting

Before going live, we did usability tests with our potential users. We tested each of the funnels individually and the overall product flow at periodic intervals.

Pilot Launch in 🇵🇱 Poland

We collected a waiting list before we went live. In this way, predictions began to emerge in which region / country we will launch our pilot. Regulations and other reasons were also factors in determining this region, but we still wanted to test our product in regions where there is a high interest in crypto.

Activation & Onboarding

In the process of activating Paysend Crypto, we tried to get to know our users more and to meet the requirements of the 3rd party service we work with.

In addition, in this process, we also explained our features that make up our main lines on our promotion screens in story format. As a result of the tests we made in the first version, we realized that users passed the promotional screens without reading and understanding our features, and we created new versions and finally released the following improvements.

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Batuhan Karasakal
Senior Product Designer

Last update at September, 2022