MVP Launch of Paysend Crypto

MVP Launch of Paysend Crypto

MVP Launch of Paysend Crypto

MVP Launch of Paysend Crypto

MVP Launch of Paysend Crypto

MVP Launch of Paysend Crypto

MVP Launch of Paysend Crypto

When I joined Paysend, the company had not yet released or even begun developing its crypto product. From my first day, I had the opportunity to conduct competitor analysis and user research with my product manager.

Our goal was to shape our MVP version and make quarterly plans accordingly. We spent a lot of time designing and developing features until we completed the MVP. Throughout this process, we conducted usability and user tests to confirm our hypotheses and designs. We used the feedback we received to make iterations and continue improving the product through a test-iterate-test process.

Pre-Production Analysis

Before beginning the design process, we determined our MVP scope based on the analysis we conducted on our users and current competitors in the market.

While our long-term vision for the crypto product is to provide a range of solutions, we also wanted to develop a product that would allow users to invest in crypto assets.

What does MVP mean for Paysend Crypto?

Our mission is to enable customers - both consumers and businesses - to buy, sell, store, send, receive, and use crypto assets, with a focus on the goals they seek to achieve rather than the underlying technology.

Usability Testings via UserTesting

Before launching the product, I conducted usability tests with potential users. We tested each funnel individually and the overall product flow at regular intervals. Based on the test results, we made a few improvements to the onboarding process and calculator screen.

Activation & Onboarding

During the activation process for Paysend Crypto, we worked to get to know our users better and to meet the requirements of the third-party service we work with.

Additionally, we explained the features that make up our main offerings on our promotional screens using a story format. As a result of testing the first version, we realized that users were skipping over the promotional screens without reading and understanding our features, so we created new versions and released the following improvements.

Homepage and Exploration

We designed the homepage experience to allow users to explore their existing portfolios. This enables them to access advanced homepage content where they can view their current assets, the assets they follow, their ongoing purchases, trending assets, and the latest crypto news.

Experimenting with the alternatives till land on the best layout for the Calculator Experience

While designing the MVP version of our product, we used the same experience in our Buy and Sell Asset screens as in our other money transfer products. This allowed us to create the first version in less time and with less effort.

However, we knew that the two profiles had small differences from each other, and we saw the need to make improvements to these screens, which we also confirmed through internal interviews during the MVP.

In this process, we designed different layouts with different information architectures that could also accommodate potential future needs. We tested all of these streams through UserTesting to find the most optimal version.

Latest Version of Calculator and Payment Methods Delivered

After clarifying the final details of the calculation screen experience, I designed its integration for all payment methods. Our users can make payments with their Paysend accounts and cards, Apple, Android, and with their external bank accounts and cards through the third-party services we use (Trustly, Plaid).

Pilot Launch in 🇵🇱 Poland, 🇵🇹 Portugal, 🇱🇹 Lithuania

Before going live, we collected a waitlist. We started to predict which region or country we would launch our pilot in, taking into account factors such as regulations and other considerations. However, we still wanted to test our product in regions with a high interest in crypto.

We are currently in the pilot process and continue to make improvements. In the meantime, we are launching user surveys and scheduling 1:1 interviews to hear directly from our users. One of our first user surveys is currently available, and I will provide an overview of the metrics when it is completed.

And since I am still working at Paysend, this journey will be updated continuously.

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Batuhan Karasakal
Senior Product Designer

Last update at January, 2023

Hit me up if you're interested in working together

Batuhan Karasakal
Senior Product Designer

Last update at September, 2022